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Mental Health

Are you worried about mental health? Are willing to maintain your brain health so you are on the right platform. Because I am going to give you a brief details about how you can improve your mental health. In the sense of mind insanity there are some activities included like our physical, emotions, social effect, feeling, thinking, and act. It helps us to determine that how we can handle our stress.

Mental Health

Benefits of positive mind in some disease-

  • Handle stress.
  • Work productively.
  • Realize the full potential of people.
  • Work positively.

Ways of maintaining mental health-

Excersie for mental health
  • Think positive.
  • Do physical activities.
  • Connecting with people.
  • Behaving normal with others.
  • Take enough sleep.
  • Play sports games.
  • Avoid fighting with others.

Sign of mind insanity disease.

If  you are the one who is living with mental problem you must know some sign that give us signal about mind insanity problem-

  • Eating too much or too little.
  • Sleeping too much or too little .
  • Having less energy.
  • Feeling very hopeless.
  • Drinking and smoking more than usual.
  • Feeling upset, unfocused, forgetful, worried and scared.
  • Taking shower for a very long time.
  • Washing hand again and again without any reason.
  • Throwing water too much.
  • Do the same thing again and again.
  • Getting hyper very much.
  • Yelling and fighting with family.
  • Trying to  harming others and yourself.
  • Getting confused again and again.
  • Believing on the things that are not true.
  • Feeling numb all the time.
    So these are some major sign of mental problem if you are living with this problem try to stay out from this kind of disease as soon as possible. Because getting involved in it for a very long time can lead you into very danger circumstances. So you can also consult a mental health care doctor he will guide you and give you a better treatment to improve your brain health.

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Foods for improving your mental health-

Some foods that can help you to improve your brain health and wellness-

Foods for mental health
  • Oily Fish- Fish helps us to increase brain capacity because it has omega DHA. Find DHA in oily fish like trout and prawns, salmon.
  • Leaf Greens- Leaf greens is a better food for mental health because It has lot of minerals such as protein, calcium, vitamin A, Vitamin C, etc.
  • Beans- Beans are also one of the best food for increasing healthy brain. Because it is full of minerals.
  • Berries- We have founded that berries contain a compound called polyphenolics that have been found to increase memory and concentration. So it is best for improving brain power.
  • Almond- As we have all heard that almond is the best food for brain try to eat 4, 5 almond on the daily basis which will make your brain strong.
    So these are some foods that can help you to maintaining your mental health. Try to have these kind of meal and make your brain strong.

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