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In this age of modern time everyone is want to make good health to look handsome but they don’t  know proper way how to make good health, that’s why they lose their health after some time. Well you are on the right platform. I am going to share some health tips which can help you out to make good health-

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Health Tips For Good Health.

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1. Eat Healthy Foods- Eating healthy foods is the secret of making good health, people are always worry about how to make good health, my health is not improving  because they don’t eat healthy foods. If you really serious about your health if you really want to make good health then you will have to eat healthy foods in a proper way. Examples of healthy foods which you can eat like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, juice, milk etc. These are the best foods in the world and also full of vitamin and nutrition.

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2. Gym- Gym is also a part of  good health if you want to make your body perfect fit one of the best health care doctor suggest to do gym two times in a day one time in the morning and one time in evening. Gym is a kind of thing that can help you to keep maintaining your good health.

3. Exercise- Exercise is a physical activity which helps us to be healthy. There is a lot of exercise types we should do as a daily routine like walking, running, dancing, and swimming etc. Exercise is very important for good health. Exercise is the best way to burn extra calories.

4. Sleeping on time- At this age of  technology people are losing their energy quickly by spending lot of time on cellphone they use their cellphone late night that’s the reason they are not able to make good health. So if you want to be healthy sleep on time and get early in the morning.

5. Drink water- Drink water as more as you can, we should drink 6 liter water in a day, drinking more water is good for kidney. One of the best doctor in the world suggest we should drink 1 or 2 glass water in the morning before having anything  because its filter our body from inside and make our digestion strong.

6. Eat Fish- Fish is rich in protein and calcium. It contains vitamin D and B2, fish is a great source of minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, potassium, and magnesium. It is good for heart and brain.

7. Consult A Healthcare Doctor- If you want to be healthy every time you should consult a healthcare doctor he will guide you to keep maintaining your good health. He will always take care your health.

8. Make Good Habits- It is hard to say that making good habits every time is an easy task but if you are able to do this I am sure you can get extra benefits like losing weight, stay out from stress, develop your concentration etc. Some good habits that will help you to keep maintaining your good health-

  • Get up early in the morning
  • Take enough nap
  • Walking in the morning
  • Playing sport games
  • Yoga

I have heard lot of stories people having health problems when started doing these things they changed their life and has a positive outlook.

9. Lemon- Drink lemon juice two times in a day to burn extra calories. Lemon is good for health, lose weight, hairs, skin etc. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps us to boost immune system.

Health Tips For Bad Habits.

1. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking- Drinking alcohol and smoking is injurious for health if you do such kind of activity on the daily basis routine you should stop drinking alcohol and smoking as soon as possible. Because doctor says if you smoke one cigarette in a day you lost 6 minutes of your life. So it is very danger for health.

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2. Avoid Oily Foods- Eating oily food very much is like a poison for good health, if you are doing gym, exercise everything to make good health and on the other hand you are eating oily foods you can not maintain your health. So avoid oily foods that is good for health.

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