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Hair fall

Hair Fall Problem

These days hair problem has been a big issue every man and women who facing this problem are thinking how to skip from hair fall problem? Well you don’t need worry about that because I am going to share some ideas to skip from hair fall first of all I will give you the brief details that why we are facing this problem.

Some reason of hair fall-

Some reason of hair fall that you should aware-

Hair fall

1. Lack of nutrition- Some times when we get lack of nutrition in our body because of this reason you will face this problem. Because lack of nutrition makes the  roots weak.

2. Dandruff- Dandruff is the big reason of hair fall. Dandruff causes flaky skin on your scalp that makes itchiness it can lead to scratching. When we scratch our head again and again because of dandruff you will face this problem.  

3. Stress- Taking so much stress can be a reason of hair problembecause stress makes so much tension into our mind it makes the roots weak from inside of our head.

4. Iron Deficiency Anemia- If we have lack of iron in our body that can be a reason of hair problem.

5. Masturbation- If you are so much habitual of masturbation you should avoid that habit as soon as possible because it directly impact on your nerves system that’s why  hair fall begun to start.

6. Variety of shampoos- When people use variety of shampoos like when they use different kinds of shampoos to wash their hair so the chemical of shampoos directly effect on our roots because they could be very hard. So use only one and trusted shampoo to wash your head.

Solutions of Hair fall-

Solutions of hair problem that you should follow-

Smooth Hair

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1. Conditioner- Using good conditioner can help you to keep your hair smooth and looks better because it contains amino acids that will you to skip from this situation.

2. Use good oil- Always use good oil because its very important for you use almonds oil that is best for us. Do not mix water while oiling because it is harmful you.

3.Use Aloe Vera- Use aloe vera as more as you can because it makes our hair strong from inside you can mix it with mustard oil.

4. Don’t use hard water ( Khara Pani )- Do not use hard water while washing your head because it makes your hair weak so always use soft water.

5. Eat Gooseberry ( Anwla )- Eating gooseberry is very beneficial for you because it makes the roots strong it will also help you to skip from this problem.

6. Do not use warm water- Well if you use warm water do not use that because it directly effect on the roots it makes them weak so always use normal water.

7. Do not wear cap all the time- If you are having this problem do not wear cap all the times because it directly effect on the roots you can wear it for some time.

8. Make your head clean ( Ganja Banwana )- There is a lot of benefits of making your head clean like your hair will rise strong and smooth, your roots will be strong etc.

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